CM - Artist Found Professional Package 1347119

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    • Sep 2018
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    CM - Artist Found Professional Package 1347119

    CM - Artist Found Professional Package 1347119

    10 Cinematic LUTs & 10 Lightroom Presets LUTs Our 3D LUTs will give you the chance to create professional cinematic quality videos. Whether shooting a Hollywood film, new YouTube video or even just a Instagram video. We hand crafted these LUTs to work universally. Our LUTs work with almost any scene or lighting. Providing you with the exact look you want. You will turn your content into professionally graded work. LIGHTROOM PRESETS Lightroom will never have been this easy. We have created Lightroom Presets that will take your Instagram, portfolio, and even paid shoots to new levels. Select one of our ten presets with any photo and you will be able to remaster the entire look. We created these presets to make your life easier, and simply more beautiful. Visit our presets page for more before and after sliders, and just see how powerful they can be.