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    Advanced Spring Design - ASD7

    Version: 7 Build 12

    Developer: SMI

    Developer website: smihq.org/public/software/asd7.html

    Bit depth: 32bit

    Language: English

    Medicine: Present

    System Requirements: Win7, Win8, WinXP

    Description: Conical compression springs with non-linear rates

    Systems of compression springs in series and in parallel

    Variable pitch and diameter on single springs

    Internal and external garter springs

    Ability to calculate torsion at arm and arm length calculations

    Constant force spiral spring

    Stacked Belleville washers

    Internal and external snap rings

    Context-sensitive help linked to SMI encyclopedia

    Built-in curve-fitting routine for tensile strength data

    Life plots with user-defined S-N curves

    3D images produced for each design

    Improved management of saved designs

    Notes can be saved with each design

    Enterprise option for sharing designs across networks

    x32 Bit System