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    NexLim ReaFlow 2015 Standart Edition v9.1.1.0186

    Next Limit RealFlow - a program that uses a system of particles to calculate the dynamics of fluids form for animation sequences. The algorithm calculations using Next Limit RealFlow physical dynamics equations of fluid mechanics and has a unique feature - modeling environment particles can interact with each other. As the particles are used metabolly - elements "stick together" with each other over short distances with the formation of a turning surface, which is the end result calculation. With the help of Next Limit RealFlow can not only cheat the dynamics of gases, liquids, fluids of different viscosity and elastic materials, but also to simulate, for example, of galaxies. The developers have found a good balance between the realism of the results and computation time at a relatively low system requirements for hardware

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System