برنامج Corel ParticleShop 1.5.108 لعمل توهج ولمسات جمالية للصور والرسم بالفرش

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    • Nov 2018
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    Corel ParticleShop 1.5.108 Multilingual

    يمكن تشغيلة منفردا او من الفوتوشوب لعمل توهج ولمسات رائعة مثل الصور التالية

    Create one-of-a-kind effects with ParticleShop, a powerful NEW Photoshop brush plugin powered by Painter. Experience living grab-and-go Particle brushes that are easy to use with a pressure sensitive tablet, touchscreen or mouse and allow you to artistically enhance photos, designs and illustrations with strokes of genius.Why should you try ParticleShop?

    Explore an array of imaginative brushes, including debris, fabric, fine art, fur, hair, light, space, smoke and storm that will produce awe-inspiring results in no time. No experience, customization or time-consuming learning is required. Plus, the plugin is only the beginning! Enjoy infinite inspiration with our extra brush packs available for purchase.


    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System

    للتحميل بحجم 92 ميجا ومرفق الكراك ومرفق مجموعة فرش الجديدة



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