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    • Nov 2018
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    Alien Skin Software Photo Bundle Collection for Photoshop & Lightroom (Updated 01.2017)

    The Photo Bundle includes all of our award-winning photography plug-ins: Blow Up, Exposure, Snap Art, Eye Candy. Each of these products enhances a professional workflow by improving image quality, saving time, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective.

    الجديد بالحزمة

    - Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle Revision 35316 (NEW)

    - Alien Skin Snap Art Revision 35726 (NEW)

    - Alien Skin Blow Up Revision 35727 (NEW)

    الفلاتر تدعم

    - Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer

    - Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer


    x64 Bit Systemx32 Bit System

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