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    مجموعة الهيميرا 7 اسطوانات تحتوي على 100000 صورة كليب آرت منوعة, صور قصاصات فنية, صور من الكائنات والأشياء من دون الخلفية ( صور مفرغة )

    صور حيوانات وصور منوعة

    Hemera 100000 Stock PhotoClipArt 7 CD

    Hemera Photo Clipart is a picture of objects and objects without the background

    7 CD ROM Collection has a sheath to search for a keyword, and in 20 different categories

    All objects are cut along the contour and are intended for use in the printing industry, to produce photo collages, web dezaynerov

    100 430 objects and photos of objects without the background including the alpha channel

    32bit color depth, resolution of 512X512 pixels 300 DPI

    Quick search, format, resize, crop, and exports to the desired format - tif, gif, jpg, png, psd, etc

    A choice of 20 topics

    Abstracts & Backgrounds

    Agriculture & Industry


    Business. Commerce & Trade


    Food & Beverage

    Health & Safety

    Holidays & Special Occasions

    House & Home

    Lifestyles & Cultures



    Religion, Myth & Fantasy

    Science & Technology

    Signs & Symbols

    Social Issues & Government

    Sports & Leisure


    Travel & Tourism

    Wildlife & Animals

    collection shell installed on a PC with the first disc (CD1), i.e. This disc is required, and the rest can be loaded as needed any image.

    تنصيب الاسطوانات يجب أن يبدأ من الاسطوانة والأولى أما البقية بحسب رغبتك تختار منهم ما تريد

    الحجم الكامل


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