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    Unicorn Render x64 for Sketchup

    Space Tech International is a Professional 3D Developer company that produce Unicorn Render that allow you to produce stunning realistic pictures and reach high-end rendering level without any skills, ARC+ BIM edition, that allow to model 3D building complaint BIM 2×3 and 4, CADexe for DWG Editing, Drone mission for mission planning of drones and Survey.

    Unicorn Render x64 for Sketchup

    -Photo Realism Render Engine
    GPU+CPU accelerated by deep learning photorealistic rendering technology
    NVIDIA CUDA technology support
    Joint support for CUDA GPUs and / or multicore CPUs
    Real-time Physics Real Time
    Progressive physics illumination
    Metropolis Light Transport sampler (MLT)
    Caustic sampler
    Native nVidia MDL material supported

    -Simplified User Experience
    WYSIWYG editing mode, 100% editing can be done in final image quality, no more surprises in the production of final image.
    Multilingual support: EN, PT, BR, YU, GR, IN, JP, KR, MALAY, TH, TR, CN trad, CN PRC, IT, FR, ES, NL, DE, RU, PL..
    Simplified Floating License Management
    Composition of scene merging several models from different applications keeping the link with the original application.
    Geometry functions to make smoothing, merge geometries, change texture coordinates
    Place, move, scale objects dynamically in 3D
    Place IES lights in 3D and use as point, spot, surfaces, cylindracal, distant
    Daylight definition
    HDRI envronment light
    Control Views 2D in render style with lights
    Animation of camera, lights, background, sun, season, daytime simulation
    Custom Object/Material library creation ready to use and free
    Simple management of background 2D and 3D
    Stereo photo or video to show the project with 3D screens technology
    Sections of Orthographic views in realtime
    VR support of 360° and Videos
    Direct connection of VR to FaceBooktm
    Support of LPE Layer to make compositing in Photoshop.
    Emitting light material for any object in the scene
    Navigation of the project in real time with the final quality

    File Size: 1.6 GB


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