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    Creativities.PDF 1.1.0

    Creativities.PDF is an all-in-one application for managing and converting PDF files. While it does not offer content editing capabilities, it brings together functions and features that are usually scattered across multiple, smaller tools dedicated to PDF manipulation.

    Creativities.PDF 1.1.0

    Merge files
    Merge multiple files into a single PDF file

    Office to PDF
    Convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF

    Images to PDF
    Convert images to PDF

    Edit structure
    Delete or rotate pages. Save as an entire PDF or extract just individual pages

    Export images
    Read out the images integrated in the PDF

    Split PDF
    Split a PDF into several individual PDFs

    Remove protection
    Remove a set password, encryption and restrictions

    Protect with a password
    Protect and encrypt a PDF with a password

    Compress PDF
    Reduces file size by optimizing fonts, images and content.

    OCR - text recognition
    Convert non-searchable PDFs to searchable PDFs using OCR.

    Whats New:
    + OCR-Erkennung für PDF-Dokumente
    + PDF-Dateien komprimieren

    File size: 27.6 MB