UASUAV (Drone) Remote Pilot Certification Test - Part 107

The comprehensive guide to passing the FAA Drone Pilot Knowledge Exam

What you'll learn
Pass the knowledge portion of the FAA's Remote Pilot Certification
Successfully renew your FAA Remote Pilot's Certificate
Feel comfortable flying your drone commercially in the United States
Use the tools included to begin your drone business

UASUAV (Drone) Remote Pilot Certification Test - Part 107

An interest in drones.
A desire to learn what is needed to get a commercial drone license.
Willingness to study the material

I have a lot of free content on my website, The Legal Drone (.com), including a full (and free) Ultimate Part 107 Study Guide, which includes a full practice test. Each study guide is also incorporated into the lectures in this video course.

If you want to fly drones (also called UAVs or UASs) in the United States and get paid for it, you must get your remote pilot certificate. This course is different because I recognize that not everyone interested in commercial drone work has a background in aviation. Most content available teaches the concepts for this test from an aviation perspective and without the aviation novice in mind. In addition to the knowledge needed to pass the test, I will provide you with some of the tools that have most helped my drone services business succeed.

I am very active on Udemy, updating the course content on a regular basis (including additional test questions), and answering student questions. I make it a top priority to engage with my students so that each one of you can achieve a passing score on the Part 107 knowledge exam. Several student reviews will show you that this course provides the information you need to take and pass this exam.

Additionally, this course includes access to an active Facebook Group, where you can ask questions about Part 107 as well as other questions related to flying drones commercially in the United States. Finally, I frequently update my Youtube channel with new videos on questions that are frequently posed to me by students.

Who this course is for:

Anyone wanting to make money with drones in the United States
Drone hobbyists looking to get a commercial drone license
Photographers with a drone

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