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    ASCOMP Image Former Pro 1.000

    With the Image Former from ASCOMP published on January 11, 2021, we are starting the first raffle of the new year. The Image Former can be won 20 times exclusively from us.With the batch converter, basic adjustments can be carried out quickly and easily for many images at the same time.Image Former is an extremely useful program that is very easy to use and saves a lot of time.

    It is not a powerful image editing program with a huge range of functions that has to be learned first. On the contrary, the Image Former is a manageable piece of software that is just as useful in the private sector as it is for professional purposes. There are only five functions, but almost everyone needs them every day.

    The core function of the software is certainly the ability to adapt and convert any number of images in one go or to process them in batches. And that is what the software does really well and quickly. It is possible to rotate images, cut off edges, adjust brightness, contrast and saturation, use a gradation curve and change the image resolution as desired.

    ASCOMP Image Former Pro 1.000

    تتمثل الوظيفة الأساسية للبرنامج بالتأكيد في القدرة على تكييف وتحويل أي عدد من الصور دفعة واحدة أو معالجتها على دفعات. وهذا ما يقوم به البرنامج بشكل جيد وسريع. من الممكن تدوير الصور وقطع الحواف وضبط السطوع والتباين والتشبع واستخدام منحنى التدرج وتغيير دقة الصورة حسب الرغبة.

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