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    Miguel A. Esteso, Ana Cristina Faria Ribeiro, A. K. Haghi - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development:
    Best Practices and Research Directions

    Apple Academic Press, 2021
    pdf, 361 pages, english
    ISBN: 978-1-77188-870-7

    Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development

    Chemistry and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development

    The world faces significant challenges as population and consumption continue to grow while nonrenewable fossil fuels and other raw materials are depleted at ever-increasing rates. This volume takes a technical approach that addresses these issues using green design and analysis. It brings together innovative research, new concepts, and novel developments in the application of new tools for chemical and materials engineers. It is an immensely research-oriented, comprehensive, and practical work that focuses on the use of applied concepts to enhance productivity and sustainability in chemical engineering. It contains significant research that reports on new methodologies and important applications in the fields of chemical engineering as well as the latest coverage of chemical databases. Highlighting theoretical foundations, real-world cases, and future directions, the volume covers a diverse collection of the newest innovations in the field, including new research on atomic/nuclear physics, the barometric formula, amino acids in aqueous solutions, bioremediation and biotechnology, and more.

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