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    Updated on 16/1/2021

    Dlubal CRANEWAY v8.24.02.157532

    Dlubal Software has released 8.06.1103 version of CRANEWAY. This program expands DLUBAL'S product range by the crane runway girder design. Thanks to the well-known user-friendliness of Dlubal programs, you can carry out even complicated analyses according to EN 1993-6, DIN 4132, and DIN 18800 in an easy and comprehensible way.

    The crane runway girder is specified in the CRANEWAY module. Based on the defined loadings, the program creates load cases that are combined in load positions. Each load position results in three load combinations. Each load combination is calculated with three loading levels in order to determine the internal forces for the general stress design, the deformation analysis, or the fatigue design. The internal forces are determined according to the second-order analysis for warping torsion. With these calculated internal forces, CRANEWAY provides the appropriate analyses according to EN 1993-6, DIN 4132, or DIN 18800.

    Dlubal CRANEWAY v8.24.02.157532

    CRANEWAY includes the following features:

    - Input
    Clearly structured input options Graphic representation and 3D visualization of nearly all input data Import of cross-sections from the extensive RSTAB/RFEM cross-section library Import of cranes from the crane library or a user-defined crane database Calculation of eigenvalues considering loading with automatic assignment of the eigenvalues as imperfections Automatic determination of stress points and assignment of detail categories Numerous parameters for control of calculation
    - Results
    Clear summary of all results Clear structure of separate results windows for each analysis Representation in result tables: overall, by x-location, by stress points Easy verification of the results by means of the detailed intermediate values Results evaluation in tables as well as in the corresponding graphic Printout report with individual layout options Export of graphics to the printout report We hope that this program will make your work easier.

    More info: *

    bout Dlubal Software

    Since its beginnings in 1987, the Dlubal company has been involved in the development of user-friendly and powerful software for structural and dynamic analysis. With RSTAB and RFEM Dlubal offers programs for the ambitious structural engineer that meets the requirements of modern civil engineering and mirrors the current state of art. RSTAB is a 3D framework program, while RFEM represents a 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program. Both are the basis of a modular software system: This basic module calculates internal forces, deformations and support reactions. For the following design, add-on modules are available which account for the specific requirements of materials and codes. Due to this modular conception of the software, a package can be assembled that is tailored to individual demands.

    Version: (64bit) 8.X
    Home: dlubal.com
    Interface: multilanguage
    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 10


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