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    ActivePresenter Professional Edition 8.3.0 Multilingual

    ActivePresenter is a solution for creating screencast videos, handouts, manuals, documentation, and interactive training presentations. With the full-featured editor, ActivePresenter allows you to edit audio/video, tweak the look and feel of content, and define the branched scenarios easily and effectively. Supporting the latest web standard HTML5 and the ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems, the content created with ActivePresenter can be delivered virtually to any devices and platforms.

    ActivePresenter Professional Edition 8.3.0 Multilingual

    Quick & Easy
    You can even just record the screen and publish to desired output without additional editing thanks to smart capture technology.

    ActivePresenter integrates almost features which are usually used in screencasting making the authoring process become more creative.

    Cost effective
    Create engaging interactive screencasts, software demos and SCORM-compatible training courses with less time and effort.

    Who should use ActivePresenter?

    Educators & Students
    ActivePresenter can help educators demonstrate and teach the use of software features. Students can record video and audio as they demonstrate the proper procedure to solve a problem on an interactive whiteboard.

    Corporate Training Personnels
    With SCORM-compliant output, ActivePresenter is suitable for authoring interactive eLearning/eTraining courses which can be easily imported into enterprise training systems. Training personnel can easily track and evaluate learners’ performance.

    It is easy to create screencast videos, presentations, and documents to share on popular video/slide sharing sites such as YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo

    Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (64-bit only)

    ActivePresenter هو حل لإنشاء مقاطع فيديو screencast ونشرات وأدلة وتوثيق وعروض تقديمية تدريبية تفاعلية. باستخدام المحرر كامل الميزات ، يتيح لك ActivePresenter تحرير الصوت / الفيديو ، وتعديل شكل المحتوى وإحساسه ، وتحديد السيناريوهات المتفرعة بسهولة وفعالية. دعمًا لأحدث معايير الويب HTML5 والقدرة على التكامل مع أنظمة إدارة التعلم ، يمكن تسليم المحتوى الذي تم إنشاؤه باستخدام ActivePresenter تقريبًا إلى أي أجهزة ومنصات.


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