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    PCSCHEMATIC Automation v20.0.3.54

    Automation is an electrical CAD system specialized for creating a set of design and other documentation in the field of electrical engineering and electrical installation (electrical installation).

    The main concept is the maximum liberation of a specialist from all routine operations when creating documentation in order to concentrate on purely electrical aspects of design.

    PCSCHEMATIC Automation v20.0.3.54

    In addition to basic capabilities, the system contains a wide range of specialized functions for electrical design automation. Among which it is possible to note: automatic update of signal and cross-references, automation of functions from the PLC, automation of the placement of conductor lines (Routing), support for the rules for creating wiring and single-line wiring diagrams, a design error control function, a function for managing wires in cables, automated replacement of symbols on wiring diagrams, automated numbering of conductors, generation of plans for terminal and cable connections and automatic updating of information in lists and project lists, as well as project data and its pages.

    The file of the created project can contain an unlimited number of pages, each of them up to 255 layers. It is possible to work at different levels (heights), as well as to generate isometric planes.

    The system comes with ready-made libraries of symbols made in IEC / EN standards for creating diagrams for electrical engineering, wiring, electronics, PLC, burglar alarms, EIB (processor control in buildings), computer and telecommunication networks, block diagrams, hydraulics, pneumatics, construction ( doors, windows, etc.) In addition, the system allows you to create your own symbols and automatically generate documentation about the contents of the symbol libraries and all the symbols used in the project.

    The PCschematic system provides functions for creating your own component databases (DB). In addition, some of the leading component manufacturers (ABB, AEG, Allen-Bradley, Brodersen, Continental, Danfoss, Duelco, Falcom, G&L Beijer Electronics AB, Hager, Harting, I / S Danlaser, Idec Izumi, Legrand, Lovato, Merlin Gerin , Mitsubishi, Moeller, NKT Cables A / S, Omron, Opto 22, Phoenix Contact, Pilz Skandinavien K / S, Rose Systemtechnik, Schrack, Schupa, Servodan, Sick AG, Siemens, Sixnet, Sunx, Telematique, Wago Danmark, Weber and Weidmuller and others) created their own databases for their use in the system - a total of 26.985 components from 35 manufacturers. In addition to the usual information about a component (article, type, technical characteristics, manufacturer, price, etc.), these databases also include information about all electrical symbols and cases assigned to it (real frontal view). The use of a database in the system allows not only to quickly and reliably create all kinds of wiring diagrams, layout / installation plans for project components, but also automatically generate all types of lists / lists for them. To ensure work with the database, the PCschematic Database software module is included in the system license. The system allows direct use of Access and dBase databases, and thanks to the support of ODBC, MDAC, BDE interfaces, it is possible to use databases created, for example, in Oracle, MS-SQL.