كورس تعليم اللغة الفرنسية بسهولة Easy French Platinum v11.0

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  • المسؤول الفني
    • Sep 2018
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    كورس تعليم اللغة الفرنسية بسهولة

    Easy French Platinum v11.0

    Easy French Platinum v11.0 | 1.49 GB

    Easy French™ Platinum, designed by university language experts, is an interactive learning system that’s proven to teach you French quickly and easily. With progressive learning lessons, speech recognition technology, and immersion learning, you’ll have everything you need to become fluent in French. Build your vocabulary, practice real-world conversations, and perfect your pronunciation.

    New & Improved Features:

    Beyond Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
    Pronunciation Workshop
    Simulated Conversations
    Interactive Dictionary
    Games to Reinforce Skills
    Cultural Movies

    Personalized Learning
    Tailor Learning to Your Specific Needs

    Pre-Assessment Testing
    Adjustable Plans

    Subject-Specific Courses
    Speech Analysis with Voice Recording & Playback
    Track Your Progress

    Award-Winning Language Software
    The Flexible Immersion System™ places you into real-world scenarios where you interact with native speakers to learn more quickly. Input your specific language objectives for personalized learning – you’ll learn exactly what you need for travel, business, or school, right when you need it.

    Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4

    Develop your skills with four levels of progressive learning, intermediate, and advanced lessons, vocabulary exercises, and interactive games.

    Learn at the Computer, While Driving, or on a Device
    Includes both DVD & MP3 options, so that you can learn on the computer, while driving, or on a mobile device.

    Develop Conversational Skills
    Build fundamental vocabulary and gain the confidence to hold a conversation, ask questions, and interact in common situations.

    Interactive Scenarios for Immersion Learning!
    Converse with characters in real-life scenarios based on the most common travel situations.

    Perfect Your Accent in the Pronunciation Workshop!
    Improve your pronunciation with 3D phonetic diagrams that illustrate the correct movement of the mouth, lips, and tongue. Advanced speech analysis compares your voice with a native speaker’s to perfect your accent.

    Learn through Cultural Movies
    Enrich your learning. Discover the traditions, vivid imagery, and rich history of French culture with documentary-style movies, narrated in French by a native speaker.

    Language Workshops
    See it-Hear it-Say it! Fine tune your accent in the speech lab. Record your voice and use advanced speech analysis tools to compare your pronunciation with native speakers. It’s the fastest way to improve your accent and achieve conversational fluency!

    Language Workshops
    Start by learning basic words and phrases, and then advance to scenario-based conversations. Workshops include vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and interactive simulations.

    Games & Activities
    Interactive, multi-level games such as Go Fish, Hangman, and Crossword Puzzles add entertainment while reinforcing language skills.

    Oral & Written Lessons
    Proven and effective lessons emphasize sentence structure, language rules, and vocabulary foundation. Includes printable exercises and a comprehensive online reference book.

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or XP • 128 MB RAM • 1.2GB Available Hard Disk Space • SVGA Graphics • DVD-ROM • Mouse • Windows Sound Card • Internet Access
    Recommended: Microphone for Speech Recognition • Mobile Device for playing MP3 files



  • عضو مُشارك
    • Nov 2018
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    السلام عليكم اخي انا نزلت البرنامج نصبته لكن يحتاج الى مفتاح تفعيل active key ولكم كل الشكر والتقدير