Topography and Site Modeling With Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1

What you'll learn
Learn how to create topography models and use them on Dynamo
Learn how to set up different layers of soil using their existing topography.
Learn how to create anchors and other contention methods related to soil.
Create Volume extractions.

Topography and Site Modeling With Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.1

Need to know how to model in Autodesk Revit
Need to know some fundamentals of Civil 3d Topography and Meshes
Need to know Dynamo Modeling Basics for Geometry Analysis and Player
This course it’s part of a new series of developments towards bringing Dynamo as main platform tool on BIM processes for any type of project, its designed to teach you how to interact with topography, site components anchors, it concentrates three different courses with custom nodes to update processes and increase functionality for medium dynamo users.

On this course we will explore possibilities for enabling this workflows related to topography

We will explore custom nodes for specific approaches so that your own toolkit can be created, tools for Revit Modeling, Tools for Dynamo Programming and Mixed Tools for other workflows

Dynamo its been used all over the world for speeding up Revit Models, Enabling impossible modeling, Project Management, QTOS and Documents, and to set around workflows between different types.

Unravel your full potential for Modeling and Programming and enjoy at any time the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.

Take advantage of posting questions, and join on all channels to be UpToDate for all the amazing possibilities that in any time can transform your way of working, to change it forever

Who this course is for:
Structural Engineers that need solutions related to Topography
Structural Engineers that what to solve or model elements by Dynamo use

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