ANSYS Lumerical 2020 R2.3 (x64)

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    Lumerical's DEVICE Suite of component-level simulation products use multiphysics-style simulation workflows to model optical, electrical and thermal effects at the physical level. Lumerical's SYSTEM Suite of system-level simulation products offer a rich set of analysis capabilities to design and optimize the performance of photonic integrated circuits.

    Lumerical’s DEVICE Suite, SYSTEM Suite, and Interoperability products work together seamlessly, allowing designers to model the most challenging problems in photonics that include interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects. Flexible interoperability between suites enables a variety of workflows that combine device multiphysics and system-level photonic circuit simulation with third-party design automation and productivity tools. Interoperability further provides Python-based automation support via the Automation API and compact-library support for the industry’s leading photonics foundries.

    Lumerical CHARGE
    Lumerical DGTD
    Lumerical FDTD
    Lumerical FEEM
    Lumerical HEAT
    Lumerical INTERCONNECT
    Lumerical MODE
    Lumerical STACK

    System Requirements:
    Lumerical Software supports the following operating systems (64-bit editions only):
    Windows® 8.1, 10
    Windows Server® 2012 R2, 2016, 2019

    File size: 1.3 GB