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    Reboot Restore Rx Pro (formerly Drive Vaccine) ro prevents any and all changes made on your drive(s) making those PC’s bulletproof and unbreakable. It is designed for public access computing environments such as schools, computer labs, kiosks, hotels, Internet cafes, and libraries.

    We understand it takes a certain fortitude to service PC’s in the public domain where users are not always careful and computer usage is high. That is why we built Reboot Restore Rx Pro to be fast, effective and efficient. Regardless of what a user does (including erasing files, installing software or even hacking the system registry) Reboot Restore Rx Pro will automatically restore the PC to your desired system state on a schedule you set.

    Reboot on Restore
    Instantly reset to the baseline on startup or hard reset.

    One-Click Instant Update
    Update the baseline without restarting your computer.

    Reduce Maintenance Cost
    Drastically reduces computer maintenance, and can be used to protect tier one public access computing environments..

    Reboot Restore Rx Pro Features:
    - VMWare Support
    - Protects the MBR
    - Mini OS Access
    - Access Control & Data Security
    - Stealth Mode
    - Restore On Any Schedule
    - Remote Management
    - Back Out From Baseline Update
    - Automate Updates
    - Exclusion Drive / Registry Exclusion

    File Size: 49.4 MB


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