ArqCOM CivilCAD Suite build October, 2020

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    ArqCOM CivilCAD Suite build October, 2020

    for any version of AutoCAD, ZWCAD, BricsCAD

    ArqCOM CivilCAD Suite build October, 2020

    CivilCAD, created by ARQCOM, is the software designed to create additional functions that automate and simplify the tasks within AutoCAD Full, Bricscad PRO and ZWCAD + Professional, covering diverse needs of the Spanish-speaking Civil Engineering and Topography professional; used by government agencies, construction companies and universities.

    With CivilCAD, you can quickly obtain profiles, sections, contour lines, calculation of volumes in platforms and roads, construction tables, subdivision of polygons, among other more than 100 routines.

    The CivilCAD base license only includes basic surveying routines (see routines). There are 6 additional modules that add specialized routines to your CivilCAD base license and they are:

    Calculation of Drinking Water Networks
    Calculation of Sewer Networks
    SCT Road Design
    Data Export to the SCT Mass Curve Program
    Calculation of Storm Sewer Networks ADS
    Interface with Google Earth


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