تعلم اللغة التركية بسهولة Easy Learning Turkish v6.0

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    كورس تعليم التركية بسهولة

    Easy Learning Turkish v6.0

    From the beginner to advanced levels and foreign language fluency.

    EASY LEARNING Turkish is a course for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Business covering the EU-Standards A1 to C1.

    Language Course with 300 Lessons:

    o- Spoken dialogue interaction with the computer

    o- Learn words by speaking or writing them

    o- Pronunciation training with voice recognition

    o- Intuitive grammar training

    o- Vocabulary Memory Games

    o- Words and sentences linked to reference tools

    o- Topics covering everyday life, travel and business

    Additional Focused Learning Tools

    o- Pronunciation trainer with systematic training of all sounds

    o- Conversation trainer with 100 dialogue situations per level

    o- Vocabulary trainer with a flash card method and an individualised list of words

    Strokes Reference Suite including

    o- Complete grammar with 190 topics

    o- Dictionnary with 4700 spoken words and 3100 example sentences

    o- Table of conjugations with 900 verb

    Special Features

    o- Voice recognition: train dialogues, vocabulary and pronunciation interactively

    o- MP3-Export: Export complete dialogues and words of the dialogues for learning away from the computer

    o- Print function: High quality printout of the lessons with the simultaneous export of relevant audio files

    o- Create lesson plans and set individual priorities

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

    Free Hard Disk Space: approx. 350 MB

    System Memory: 512 MB

    Microphone / Speakers

    Sound Card

    DVD-ROM Drive (only for DVD-Version)

    Internet Connection (just once, to activate the software)

    Recommendation: For best results with voice recognition we recommend a headset


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    ​​​​​​​ لكلّ مبدع إنجاز، ولكلّ شكر قصيدة، ولكلّ مقام مقال، ولكلّ نجاح شكر وتقدير، فجزيل الشّكر نهديك، وربّ العرش يحميك.

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      جزاك الله كل خير

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        جزاك الله خيرا اخي العزيز

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          جزاكَ الله خيراً أخي الكريم عن هذا الطرح القيم والنافع والمفيد ... تقبل تحياتي.