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    كتب موضوع Keysight MQA 2020.1 x64

    Keysight MQA 2020.1 x64

    Keysight MQA 2020.1 x64

    Model Quality Assurance (MQA) allows developers and manufacturers of integrated circuits to validate, compare, and document SPICE models. The MQA program provides industry with the standard for quality assurance for SPICE models and an open communications environment. The program allows you to automatically validate, compare and document models and guarantees high quality design.

    Keysight MQA 2020.1 x64

    Key Benefits of MQA
    • Ready-to-use adaptable solution for checking the quality of SPICE models
    • Automatic validation and ensuring the high quality of SPICE models
    • Debugging SPICE simulation results
    • Validation of factory models; creation of detailed reports on model quality control
    • Comparison of differences between model versions, SPICE simulators and production technologies