كورس لتعليم اللغة الايطالية جديد Glossika Italian Fluency 2016

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    كورس لتعليم اللغة الايطالية
    جديد 2016

    Glossika Italian Fluency 2016

    Campbell M., Fortuna M. Glossika Italian Fluency 2016

    Year: 2016

    Author: Michael Campbell, Michele Fortuna

    Publisher: Glossika Mass Sentences

    Course Language: English

    ISBN: missing

    Format: MP3

    Audio quality: 40-47 kkps

    Description: Audiokurs Italian. Brochures here. Audio for the two methods of the course: Intensive (GMS) - for students and others who have a lot of time to learn the language, and intense (GSR) - it is designed for busy people who need no more than 20 minutes per day and is designed for 3-4 months of work (each level). Audio for the second method (GSR) is only for levels 1 and 2. Description of the methods of the course can be found in the brochures


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