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    Type Pilot is an automatic typing software that helps you to quickly type phrases in document. You just define keywords (an abbreviations) for a frequently used text snippet, phrase, sentence or paragraph. Whenever you type one of these keywords in ANY program, Type Pilot automatically replace it with the required phrase or a paragraph.

    Type Pilot can be uses in a variety spheres for saving your time. For examples:
    personal (often used e-mail phrases, addresses, pictures, signatures);
    business (writing business or managing technical support letters may require that you type standard answers over and over again);
    development (templates for code fragments, code blocks, documentation).

    Type Pilot works in ANY text editors: Notepad, MS Word, email clients, GMail, web browsers, HTML-editors, fill out a login-password form. Let Type Pilot handle this routine for you. Just type in a keyword of your choice, and the software will automatically replace it with the required phrase or a paragraph. If you type a keyword, for example: ttt3, Type Pilot will automatically insert the following sentence into your current document.

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    Please the medicine doesn´t work

      Originally posted by azariel *
      Please the medicine doesn´t work
      Brother i just tried on PC and patch is working.

      Please follow the following steps.

      1. Install the program but after installation, try not to run the program and confirm its not running in task bar.

      2. Unzip and Copy the patch file in installation directory, Right click on patch file and run as administrator.

      3. Once patch is open, click on any left or right side lion face, following window will appear

      Just click yes and select the following file in below screensscreenshot

      Just wait for few second and then program is licensed ☺️ sorry for bad quality images because or computer screen and mobile camera reflection effect but hope it's clear