Vinitysoft Tool & Asset Manager 2020.9.17.0 Multilingual

Human Resources and Accounting

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    Vinitysoft Tool & Asset Manager 2020.9.17.0 Multilingual

    Businesses around the world lose an incredible amount of money each year to the replacement of missing equipment, tools, and assets. Whether it’s a busy employee who simply forgets to put something back or a dishonest employee stealing for his or her own personal gain, it falls on the company to replace these assets when they are lost.

    A solid tool and asset management program backed by high-quality tool management software is key to cutting these losses and ensuring accountability and boosting productivity. An organization that knows where its assets are at all times is an organization that can put tools and assets in the hands of its employees when they need them.

    Tool and Asset Manager 2.0 was developed with that specific goal in mind. Using a combination of modern check-in/check-out methods, visual cues such as color coding and employee pictures, asset reservations and calendaring, and automated reminders, our tool management software serves as the hub that ensures that your employees have the resources they need when they need them.

    Vinitysoft Tool & Asset Manager 2020.9.17.0 Multilingual

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