Starus Web Detective 2.2 Multilingual

Data Recovery

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    Starus Web Detective 2.2 Multilingual

    Starus Web Detective helps you recover erased history and analyze a wide range of web browsers. The application will allow you to track your browsing history, bookmarks, download list and passwords, even if the user deleted this information from his browser.

    Starus Web Detective 2.2 Multilingual

    Recover deleted data
    Starus Web Detective will help you to find data even after browsing history is cleared, the entire browser is uninstalled or some of its files are lost, the current user is deleted from the operating system or the hard disk containing browser files is damaged.

    View any browser data
    This product allows obtaining such important data as browsing history, list of most frequently visited websites, saved bookmarks, list of downloads, user addresses, names and phone numbers, as well as saved logins and passwords for various websites.

    Obtain information from incognito mode
    In the incognito mode, user online activity data is not saved. However, Starus Web Detective will help you to restore the main information on what webpages were visited by the user and when.

    Analyse user’s online activity
    The program lets you see what a user did online at a certain moment: what websites were visited, what words were searched and where, what texts and into what language were translated, what emails were sent or received, what social media pages, users and groups were visited, and lots of other information...

    Filter data
    In every section, the program features many convenient filters and ways to sort data. For example, you can set a "gambling websites" filter and view all items in this category that the user has ever visited.

    Step-by-step wizard
    The program interface is designed as a convenient as a step-by-step wizard. It helps you to analyze data and get the necessary information easily.

    Export the obtained data
    The utility allows saving the obtained data in one of the popular formats: an Excel spreadsheet, an HTML page or a PDF document. A convenient export wizard will help you prepare reporting data.

    Save deleted files
    If the browser is uninstalled, or a part of its files is lost, the program helps you to find and recover such files to restore normal operation of the browser, without any loss of data.

    The current version of Starus Web Detective supports the following browsers:
    Cent Browser
    Cốc Cốc
    Comodo Dragon
    Epic Privacy Browser
    Google Chrome
    Internet Explorer
    Microsoft Edge
    Microsoft Edge Beta
    Mozilla Firefox
    Opera Browser
    SRWare Iron
    UC Browser

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