Auto Made Easy : Guide to Better Engineering Design (Volume 1)

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    About the Book
    AutoCAD made easy is a practical guide on how you can utilize AutoCAD, the world’s most popular CAD software, to make good engineering designs.
    If you are new to computer aided designs, this is the right book to atart with as it introduces you to engineering principles in design and translates the principles into how to perform same tasks with computer aided design using practical step by step approach.
    Who This Book Is For?
    Mechanical Engineering students and Professionals
    Civil Engineering students and Professionals
    Students studying Computer Aided Design
    Graduates and Students, who wants to go into Computer Aided Designs
    Graduates and undergraduates willing to produce a working design and fabrication for project work
    Industry Professionals- Preparing for Certifications.
    Table of Contents
    AutoCAD made Easy Volume 1 covers design of two dimensional designs including but not limited to:
    All drawing tools
    All modifying tools
    Layers, Array
    Hatching and using appropriate line types in drawings
    Using AutoCAD for Isometric projections
    Using AutoCAD for Orthographic projections
    Using AutoCAD for Sectional views
    Using AutoCAD for Building plans and elevations
    Using autocad for engineering building services
    Using AutoCAD for Surface Development
    Using AutoCAD for Intersection of cylinders
    Introduction to three dimensional designs
    Printing and exporting drawings
    AutoCAD made Easy Volume 2 covers three dimensional designs including but not limited to:
    Creating three dimensional objects
    Modifying and editing 3D objects
    Solid and surface modes
    Creating 3D Objects from 2D objects
    Drawing sheets, design center and templates
    Creating working drawings
    Creating assembly drawings with AutoCAD
    Using Sub-Assemblies Drawings
    Creating full sectional views with AutoCAD
    Creating Auxillary drawings with AutoCAD
    Creating complex drawings with AutoCAD
    Special ingridents that set great designs apart from ordinary ones
    Exporting and presenting your completed designs

    Free video of some lessons and exercises
    A special gift from the author
    About the Author
    Engr. Adebisi Akeem T. is a practicing Mechanical Engineer duly registered and recognised by top Engineering council (COREN) and societies (NSE) in Nigeria.
    He currently resides in Nigeria and lectures Polytechnic students on engineering designs, Computer Aided Design, building services and teaching. Over 1,000 students have passed through his classes with high proficiency.
    This book is a result of the yearning of students for a simple guide that will introduce Computer Aided Design and Drafting in practical and simple way.
    The book as undergone many iterations and input from students and colleagues to make these volumes the simple practical guide it was meant to be.

    English | 2020 | ASIN : B08HX3RH53 | 152 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 36.85 MB