AutoCAD: Tips & Tricks [2016-2020, ENG] + Sub (Eng) Updated 04/08/2020

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    AutoCAD: Tips & Tricks (Updated 04/08/2020)

    picYear of release : 2016-2020
    Manufacturer : LinkedIn Learning
    Website of the manufacturer : AutoCAD: Tips & Tricks
    Author : Shaun Bryant
    Duration : 17:36:00
    Type of distributed material : Video tutorial
    Language : English
    Description: Take your CAD skills up a notch. Work smarter, not harder, with AutoCAD. AutoCAD Tips & Tricks provides weekly tips, techniques, and workarounds to make designers like you more effective and more productive. Learn how to use AutoCAD's features in exciting new ways, customize the workspace and shortcuts to save time, create more accurate drawings with the measurement and organization tools, and more. Shaun Bryant's insights give you that competitive edge you can't get from a regular training manual. Tune in every Wednesday for a new tip!

    Weekly tips and tricks for AutoCAD. Learn how to use AutoCAD features in exciting new ways, customize your workspace and shortcuts to save time, create more accurate drawings with measurement and organization tools, and more. Sean Bryant's insight will give you a competitive edge that you can't get from a regular study guide.


    Tips and Tricks
    02-Using FIELDS in MTEXT
    03-Freezing layers in the current viewport
    04-Using WBLOCK to edit and replace blocks
    05-Using DesignCenter with AutoCAD blocks
    06-Using measure to obtain accurate drawing information
    07- Using layer properties for layer management
    08-Using the new centerline commands
    09-Using DIMREASSOCIATE to maintain dimension accuracy
    10-Using the QAT to set up a customized workspace
    11-Using markup tools to create a revision schedule
    12-Utilizing named views to manage the Model tab
    13-Using the AutoCAD calculator to your advantage
    14-Using Quick Select to speed up the selection process
    15-Using layer settings for effective layer control
    16-Setting AutoCAD point styles
    17-Setting multiple point objects
    18-Using the MEASURE command
    19-Using the DIVIDE command
    20-Creating different revision cloud types
    21-Creating a region from 2D objects
    22- Using EXTRUDE to create 3D solids
    23-Using visual styles to develop 3D views
    24-Using Match Properties effectively
    25-Using transparency in AutoCAD drawings
    26-Using Hide and Isolate to draw effectively
    27-Using the Group Manager to set up groups in AutoCAD
    28 -Using LTGAPSELECTION in AutoCAD
    30-Using PDFSHXTEXT in AutoCAD
    31-Using the DIMBREAK command
    32-Using the DIMSPACE command
    33-Creating a dimension jog line
    34-Using DesignCenter
    35-Working with insertion scales
    36-Creating a simple block palette
    37-Creating named views
    38-Working with batch plotting (PUBLISH)
    39-Working with BYLAYER
    40-Rotating with Copy and Reference
    41-Working with layer settings
    42-Using the OFFSET command
    43-Setting up a metric text style
    44-Setting up a metric dimension style
    45-Setting up a metric multileader style
    46- Using the STARTUP variable
    47-Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    48-Adding your own AutoCAD workspace
    49-Working with the new AutoCAD 2018.1 XREF commands
    50-Working with the new AutoCAD 2018.1 view and viewport commands
    51-Demonstrating the hi-res monitor support in AutoCAD 2018.1
    52-Working with the 3D graphics support on the AutoCAD 2018.1 update
    53-Working with the PDFSHXTEXT command
    54-Converting text to MTEXT with the TXT2MTXT command
    55-Enclosing text with an object such as a circle slot or rectangle
    56-Developing and extruding a simple region in a 3D solid
    57-Using the layer controls in the Layers panel in the ribbon
    58-Adding blocks to a tool palette for design reuse
    59-Changing the INSUNITS variable when working with blocks
    60-Using the Sheet Set Manager to develop a sheet set
    61-Working with the interface panel and display options
    62-Using AutoCAD tools to fix broken reference paths
    63-Finding and replacing reference files
    64-Working with AutoCAD centerlines and adjusting their settings
    65-Working with the Named Views panel
    66-Using the PUBLISH command
    67-Using the ETRANSMIT command
    68-Working with the ARRAYPATH command
    69-Working with the FIELD command to display object data
    70-Creating tool palettes from drawings in AutoCAD DesignCenter
    71-Using the Markup Set Manager in AutoCAD with Autodesk Design Review
    72- Creating blocks with attributes for design content
    73-Working with the Enhanced Attribute Editor to enhance block attributes
    74-Using Quick Select to find and select objects quickly
    75-Using the SPELL command to check and review AutoCAD designs
    76-Interface: Editing Polar Arrays
    77-Interface: Editing rectangular arrays
    78-Content: Using DWG Compare
    79-Content: Working with DWG Compare results
    80-Content: Creating DWG Compare tables
    81-Management: Working with AutoCAD options
    82-Content: Calculating areas
    83-Content: Layer and panel tools
    84-Content: Invisible block attributes
    85-Content: Editing block attributes
    86-Plotting : Simple batch plotting
    87-Interface: Automatic dimensioning
    88-Interface: Using edge extensions
    89-Interface: Editing path arrays
    90-Using the DWG Compare command
    91-Working with your Autodesk Account
    92-Saving your files to AutoCAD web and AutoCAD mobile
    93-Setting up model space viewports with a 3D model
    94-Using named views to navigate your AutoCAD drawings
    95-Using a DWS file to check standards in your AutoCAD drawings
    96-Working with the Page Setup Manager in AutoCAD
    97-Exporting your DWG files to DWF and PDF file formats
    98-Using the DIMREASSOCIATE command
    99-Working with the Layer States Manager
    100-Setting up an effective METRIC dimension style
    101-Setting up an effective IMPERIAL dimension style
    102-Working with annotative dimensions in your AutoCAD drawings
    103-Using shared views in AutoCAD
    104-Using the Autodesk Viewer
    105-Using Arc Aligned
    106-Converting text to MTEXT
    107-Using the Modify Text drop-down menu tools
    108-Using the Move / Copy / Rotate command in Express Tools
    109- Using Auto Number with AutoCAD text objects
    110-Enclosing text inside objects with the Enclose in Object command
    111-Aligning your layout viewports with the Align Space command
    112-Matching up layout viewports with the Synchronize Viewports command
    113-Using the Merge Layout command to merge layout viewports
    114-Using the Save to Web & Mobile command
    115-Taking a DWG file in to AutoCAD web app
    116-A brief introduction to using DWG files in AutoCAD web app
    117-Using the drawing utilities provided by AutoCAD in a DWG file
    118-Use layer states to highlight objects in drawings
    119-Use the LAYISO and LAYUNISO commands in your drawings
    120-Use auto constrain and add and remove other constraints
    121-Work with constraints in your drawings
    122-Work with dimensional constraints in your drawings
    123-Convert dimensions to dimensional constraints in your drawings
    124-Add parameters and expressions to dimensional constraints
    125-Show and hide constraints in your AutoCAD drawings
    126-Develop PDF page setups using the Page Setup Manager
    127-Use the new blocks palette in AutoCAD 2020
    128-Work with the WBLOCK command in AutoCAD 2020
    129-Use DWG Compare in AutoCAD 2020
    130-Use the QDIM command for quicker dimensioning
    131-Fast data response with the new Quick Measure tool in AutoCAD 2020
    132-Work with geometric constraints in an AutoCAD drawing
    133-Work with dimensional constraints in an AutoCAD drawing
    134-Use the Parameters Manager to manage constraints in a drawing
    135-Use the calculator provided in AutoCAD
    136-Use Quick Select for easy object selection in drawings
    137-Generate 2D views from a 3D object in the layout tab
    138-Scale the 2D views generated in the layout tab
    139-Use the enhanced PURGE command in AutoCAD 2020
    140-Design reuse: Working with insertion options in the BLOCK command
    141-Drafting: The advantages of using polylines
    142-Drafting: Enjoying your donuts
    143-Drafting: Working with regions
    144-Drafting: Aligning objects in 2D
    145-Layout: Adding named views to a layout
    146-Annotation: Generating an annotative dimension style
    147-Web: Saving a drawing to use in the AutoCAD web app
    148-Design Reuse: Using PDFs in your drawings
    149-Layout: Freezing layers in the current viewport
    150-Interface : Working with the Interface panel
    151-Annotation: Spell-checking your drawings
    152-Annotation: Reassociating your dimensions
    153-Parametric: Using the Parameters Manager
    154-Human interface: Using MBUTTONPAN, ZOOMWHEEL, and ZOOMFACTOR
    155-Human interface: Customizing the right-hand mouse butto
    156-Drafting: Running object snaps (OSNAPs)
    157-Interface: Using the QUICKCALC command in AutoCAD
    158-Drafting: Working with the snap overrides in AutoCAD
    159-Drafting: Using the REGION command to your advantage
    160-Interface: Using the Visual Effect Settings dialog in AutoCAD
    161-Selection: Using selection settings in AutoCAD
    162-Selection: Working with GRIPS and grip editing in AutoCAD
    163 -Drafting: Working with OFFSET and its command options
    164-Layers: Using the LAYTRANS command in AutoCAD
    165-Layers: Using the LAYWALK command in AutoCAD
    166-EXPRESS TOOLS - Using The SUPERHATCH command from the Express Tools tab
    167-INTERFACE - Using the scale list In viewports and annotation
    168-BLOCKS - Using DesignCenter and palettes for blocks in AutoCAD
    169-DRAFTING TECHNIQUES - Working with orthographic projection in AutoCAD
    170 -DRAFTING TECHNIQUES - Using first angle projection in AutoCAD
    171-LAYOUT - Using third angle projection in AutoCAD
    172-LAYOUT - Working with the Create View tools in the Layout tab
    173-LAYOUT - Working with the Modify View tools in the Layout tab
    174- LAYOUT - Updating views created in the layout with the Update panel tools
    175-LAYOUT - Working with the Styles and Standards panel in the layout
    176-LAYOUT - Working with different types of viewports in your layouts
    177-LAYOUT - Adding named views to your layouts in your drawings
    178-Blocks palette: Working with blocks in a current drawing
    179-Blocks palette: Working with blocks from recent drawings
    180 -Blocks palette: Working with blocks from other drawings
    181-Blocks: Using the Block Attribute Manager (BATTMAN); no cape needed!
    Exercise Files

    Video format : MP4
    Video : AVC, 1280x720, 16: 9, 15 fps, avg 344 kbps
    Audio : AAC, 48.0 kHz, 128kbps, stereo

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      من الملاحظ ان جميع مواضيعك مميزة ومهمة ولكن الروابط بطيئة في التنزيل
      الروابط بطيئة جدا جدا وحيث ان الموضوع كبير الحجم 2.51 جيجا فيحتاج تنزيله اكثر من 15 ساعة مع ان سرعة التنزيل عندي حوالي 1.8 جيجا/ثاية
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