Passper for Excel Multilingual

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    Passper for Excel Multilingual

    Recover Excel opening passwords and remove worksheet/workbook protection without affecting the original data.

    Passper for Excel Multilingual

    Unlock Excel Passwords From Various Scenarios
    • Forgot the password to open Excel files
    • Can't copy the worksheet or workbook
    • Can't edit the content in password protected Excel files
    • Can't print the worksheet or workbook
    Recover Excel Opening Password with the Highest Recovery Rate
    We provide 4 intelligent password attack methods which allow you to recover Excel passwords without modifying your Excel data.
    1. Dictionary Attack
    Recover the password based on built-in dictionary or self-imported dictionary.
    2. Combination Attack
    Customize the character settings and combine the characters you choose randomly to find your password.
    3. Mask Attack
    Customize the password length or other settings to highly improve the recovery rate if you remember some password information.
    4. Brute-Force Attack
    Search every password combination to find Excel password.

    Remove Worksheet and Workbook Restriction
    A workbook or worksheet is represented in the form of rows and columns to sort and arrange data.
    After removing the password restriction on workbook or worksheet, you can easily open, read, edit, or print these files with no restrictions.

    OS Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista


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