Udemy Learn English Through Funny News

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    Udemy Learn English Through Funny News

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    Udemy Learn English Through Funny News

    Welcome to Learning English through Funny News. Learning English through

    News is a new and exciting way to improve your reading, comprehension,

    listening, and writing skills. We discuss funny news articles about

    western culture, and learn new vocabulary, comprehension, and listening


    What is this course about?

    In this course you will read funny English news articles. You will learn

    new vocabulary, and writing methods. We will discuss the articles and you

    will gain better English comprehension.

    How is this course different than other English courses?

    What makes this course different is the learning style used. This course

    uses humor and laughs to help you learn. Each article is entertaining and

    will make you laugh and learn at the same time. Remember if you can laugh

    at an English joke. That means you can understand what you just laughed


    Will I become fluent in English by the end of this course?

    Of course not! lol You will not become fluent by the end of this course,

    but you will gain a stronger more natural vocabulary. You will experience

    greater confidence in your English speaking and comprehension. This course

    will greatly improve your English but it will not make you fluent.

    What is the best way to learn from the lessons?

    We recommend that you do one lesson each day. After each lesson there is a

    discussion question. Make sure you answer the discussion question in the

    discussion board. You can repeat any lesson as many times as you want till

    you feel comfortable with the information.



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