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    Creative Coding in Python presents over 30 creative projects that teach kids how to code in the easy and intuitive programming language, Python.

    Creative Coding in Python teaches the fundamentals of computer programming and demonstrates how to code 30+ fun, creative projects using Python, a free, intuitive, open-source programming language that's one of the top five most popular worldwide and one of the most popular Google search terms in the U.S.

    Computer science educator Sheena Vaidyanathan helps kids understand the fundamental ideas of computer programming and the process of computational thinking using illustrations, flowcharts, and pseudocode, then shows how to apply those essentials to code exciting projects in Python:

    Chatbots: Discover variables, strings, integers, and more to design conversational programs.
    Geometric art: Use turtle graphics to create original masterpieces.
    Interactive fiction: Explore booleans and conditionals to invent "create your own adventure" games.
    Dice games: Reuse code to devise games of chance.
    Arcade games and apps: Understand GUI (graphical user interfaces) and create your own arcade games and apps.
    What's next? Look at exciting ways to use your powerful new skills and expand your knowledge of coding in Python.

    ​​​​​​English | 2019 | ISBN-13 : 978-1631595813 | 147 Pages | True PDF | 203 MB