كورس تعليم اللغة الالمانية Tell Me More German V9 Performance 10 Levels

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    كورس تعليم اللغة الالمانية 10 مستويات

    Tell Me More Performance English o- an interactive English course is set up in accordance with the purposes of training and time in which to learn the language. The program will be for you an optimal schedule of classes and hold on them, step by step, replacing a teacher and a native speaker.

    Learning English course is divided into 10 levels of difficulty and will be of interest to both newcomers and connoisseurs of the language. Passage of the entry-level provides a solid basic knowledge of language and the ability to keep up the conversation on simple topics. The program allows mid-level learn to read fiction and to communicate fluently in English in any home situation. The development of an advanced level provides an opportunity to understand the ear of television, radio and engage in conversation with native speakers on any subject.

    The full course is approximately 2000 hours of intensive training. Foundation courses are interactive multi-level dialogue, which played upon common situations everyday and business communication. The program allows free dialogue with the computer, whose development depends on the answers of the student.

    Exercises of the course develops all language skills: oral and written language, reading and listening; expand vocabulary and reinforce knowledge of grammatical rules. An extensive grammar reference with examples presented in Russian and English languages.

    Video clips are accompanied by the English text and its Russian translation. This visual support facilitates text comprehension and develops skills of perception of speech. As a complicated task program offers to view video clip in full screen mode without textual support.

    Product Features:

    o- The development of speech and writing, reading and listening comprehension

    o- Speech recognition technology: the ability to input the responses using a microphone

    o- Interactive dialogue with the computer

    o- The visualization system of pronunciation: the mapping of speech in the form of a graph

    o- Evaluation of pronunciation and an indication of improperly pronounced words

    o- Animated videos that demonstrate the articulation of sounds

    o- Schedule activities and individual settings

    o- Video clips from the translation

    Ext. Information: The difference between this version that is added on an additional section to each level

    System requirements:

    1.7 GHz processor, Windows ® 2000, XP or Vista 32/64 bits, 256 MB RAM (512 MB for Vista), 1024x768 graphics card with 16 million colors (24 bits), DVD-ROM drive, 16 bit Windows ® compatible sound card , microphone and headset included


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