iSpring Flip 9.3.3 Build 27707

OCR, Scan, Edit, Convert PDF, PowerPoint and DOC

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    iSpring Flip 9.3.3 Build 27707

    Create e-Learning Courses from PDF, Word, and PowerPoint, With iSpring Flip, you can quickly turn your documents into e-books, upload them to an LMS, and keep track of what learners are reading and how far they have progressed.

    iSpring Flip 9.3.3 Build 27707

    Turn your documents into engaging training materials
    iSpring Flip converts your Word, PDF or PowerPoint files into interactive HTML5 books compatible with all modern standards for e-Learning delivery: SCORM, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI (Tin Can).

    Book opens in a split second
    You can quickly open and flip through even a thousand-page book. iSpring Flip optimizes the book so that every next page loads instantly while you read.

    High-quality imagery
    iSpring Flip keeps your images and fonts clear and sharp, providing an enjoyable reading experience on iPads and other high res devices.

    Links and navigation
    All your document’s links and references, as well as navigation elements (such as table of contents, footnotes, and glossary) will work perfectly after it’s converted to an ebook.

    Track what they’re reading
    Basically, your interactive e-book is a complete e-Learning course: you can upload it to an LMS, share with your learners and track as they read. Detailed statistics of their reading activity will be collected in your LMS reports.

    Advanced features for mobile learning
    iSpring Flip creates books in HTML5 format, which allows learners to easily access them from iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

    Preview before publishing
    Use the preview option to make sure your book looks perfect on various devices: tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

    Adaptive book content
    Your e-book automatically adapts to any screen size and orientation, which provides a pleasant reading experience on both smartphones and tablets.

    Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
    With the free iSpring Play mobile app, learners can save books on their tablets or smartphones and read on-the-go — online or offline.

    أنشئ دورات تعليم إلكتروني من ملفات PDF و Word و PowerPoint ، باستخدام iSpring Flip ، يمكنك تحويل مستنداتك بسرعة إلى كتب إلكترونية ، وتحميلها إلى LMS ، وتتبع ما يقرأه المتعلمون ومدى تقدمهم.