Robot Structure for BIM projects

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    Robot Structure for BIM projects

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    Robot Structure for BIM projects

    What you'll learn
    Model and design reinforced concrete and steel buildings in RSA
    Create the geometric model in the program
    Create the analytical model of the structure
    Create detailed steel reinforcement
    Calculate and design metal connections according to regulations
    You should already be familiar with the theoretical aspects of the calculation of structures
    It is advisable to have the program installed or failing to install the trial version

    We have selected this course to offer it in English for its high pedagogical quality and user acceptance.

    The version of the software used is in Spanish, but the whole explanation of the instructor is narrated in English.


    This course will cover the use of the Robot Structural Analysis Professional program for modeling, calculation and design of structural elements in reinforced concrete structures and steel industrial buildings.

    In a course aimed at architects, civil engineers and technicians in the area who wish to deepen the use of Robot to calculate civil structures according to the most recognized regulations worldwide and in the language of their choice.

    We will discuss the creation tools of the structure (beams, columns, slabs, walls, among others). We will see how to perform the calculation of modal and seismic load cases, as well as the use of standards applicable to seismic loads and custom design spectra. We will study in general the workflow for the design of reinforced concrete elements, verifying the armor required by calculation in columns, beams and floor slabs. In the same way we will look closely at the powerful RSA tools for detailing structural elements of reinforced concrete individually or in combination. We will review how to introduce the normative parameters in the detailed and placement planes of the reinforcement steel of columns, beams, slabs, walls and direct foundations isolated, combined or run.

    In this course you will learn to use the RSA tools for the design of metal connections, creating schematic views, generating calculation notes and results according to international standards.

    This course is planned to be completed in about a week, dedicating about two hours a day to the realization of the exercises that we will be developing together throughout the course, but you can walk at the speed you feel comfortable.

    Throughout the course we will be developing two practical examples that will help us in each case to see the modeling and design tools of concrete and steel buildings respectively.

    If you sign up for this course, we guarantee that you will be much more efficient and precise when executing structural projects, as well as entering into the use of a design tool with many features, being highly professional and efficient.

    Who this course is for:
    This RSA course is aimed at architects, civil engineers and anyone related to the calculation and design of structures


    Credit goes to cycle.2020

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