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    Create a unique site that looks like you. The creation of a site, a complex, time-consuming and tedious work? No time to code in HTML and Javascript to adapt your site for all types of screens? Create a multilingual site and give real visibility to your business on the Internet without subscription or hidden costs. Pilot your website in complete autonomy.
    No subscription or hidden fees
    WebAcappella and its visual editor accompanies you since 2005 in the creation of your Internet site by forgetting the technique.

    Google Friendly
    An ALL RESPONSIVE site with no duplicate content and integrated SEO tools. Everything to follow Google's recommendations.

    Go international
    Expand your business worldwide with multilingual site management!

    Follow the trends
    One Page Scrolling or Multipage, Parallax Effect ...
    Easy to create a trendy and optimized website!

    Taste the unlimited
    Create as many pages as you want!

    Let your creativity speak for itself
    - Contact forms and sending files
    - Google Web Fonts integration
    - Creation of reusable styles
    - Navigation menu
    - Text Zone
    - Image
    - Photo gallery and slideshow
    - Integrate your HTML code
    - Audio and video element
    - Customization of meta title and description tags
    - Publication in 1 click
    - And a lot of other things...

    Webacappella Fx
    - WebAcappella Fx allows you to make responsive sites.
    - It is based on a completely free pixel-precise layout and allows you to create your website quickly and intuitively.
    - On each screen (mobile or computer) you simply arrange your elements and publish in one click.
    - WaFx allows the import of Wa4 projects (adjustments will be expected).

    Languages: Multilingual | File size: 83.1 MB


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