مشاريع افتر افكت 26 اسطوانة Xiying Z series project for After Effect 26DVDs 53GB

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    مشاريع افتر افكت فيديوهات للافراح والاعراس ومنوعة من انتاج الشركة الصينية Xiying

    الحجم الاجمالي 70 جيجا تم ضغطهم الى 53 جيجا

    Xiying Z series project for After Effect 26DVDs

    26 translated Chinese projects for After Effect.

    Manufacturer: Xiying

    Total size: 71 Gb.

    Duration: from 2 to 10 minutes each.

    Video Format: 720X576, 25 fps

    Version After Effect: CS4

    Some projects require plug-ins, they are all there on the tracker.

    Due to the large volume and the number of project files are packaged into images, performance tested

    Just want to say that the quality of projects is worse than here. Defined sources, the Chinese pulled Remember where possible - and Artbeat here and 3DFON, and much more. For example Z942 is assembled entirely on this. To all, in most projects widescreen is made by adding layers of 720x576 black bars top and bottom, so there is also a loss. Taking into account the above, phrases like "Deal, of course, thank you, but ..." try not to abuse it. The distribution of applications created exclusively for the workers, after almost half a year otbrykivany on my part. Although maybe I slander, and not so bad, no one bothers you to download a sample of the project 1-2, and then decide for yourself, it is necessary or not

    Z923 City of Angels

    Z927 Magic Blue Dream

    Z928 Crystal Love - Video Version

    Z929 Xin Lan

    Z931 Aegean Sea

    Z932 Hui Yun

    Z934 Intimate Lover

    Z935 Apple Paradise

    Z936 Love Beat

    Z939 Sacred Romance

    Z940 Paradise

    Z941 Beautiful Day

    Z942 Love Myth

    Z943 Endless Love

    Z963 Beilaweila Impression of Rhyme

    Z964 Dream Wonderland

    Z965 Three Days of Eternal Love

    Z966 Fairy Park

    Z970 God Precincts

    Z971 Love Romance

    Z972 Romance

    Z973 Sea of Love

    Z974 Dream of Eternal Love Journey

    Z981 Crystal

    Z997 Romantic Love

    Z9102 Today You Want to Marry Me

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