IP Video System Design Tool 10 Build 1821 Multilingual

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    IP Video System Design Tool 10 Build 1821 Multilingual

    Design complex and modern video surveillance systems with the help of this feature-packed and comprehensive CAD software solution.

    The efficiency of a video surveillance system depends on the location of each camera and the field of view of each monitoring device. IP Video System Design Tool is a useful piece of software that can help you find unreachable areas and perform additional calculations to increase the reliability of a security system.

    IP Video System Design Tool 10 Build 1821 Multilingual

    Use floor or site plans to view camera angles
    The application enables you to work with floor plans in order to identify the optimal locations for the surveillance cameras, considering the amplitude of their field of view. You can import site plans from AutoCAD, Google Earth or Visio and set them as backgrounds.

    Adjust parameters to determine the optimal field of view
    The main advantage of IP Video System Design Tool is that it can take into consideration all the factors that might affect the efficiency of the monitoring camera network. It enables you set the location height and the sensor format, enter the focal length of the camera and determine its tilt.

    IP Video System Design Tool can generate a 2D and a 3D view of a camera's horizontal and vertical viewing angles, which helps you quickly find dead zones. It provides support for various camera resolutions, ranging from QVGA ones to 29MP Pro cameras, used to monitor high areas and identify objects and persons in detail from distance. Alternatively, you can define custom resolutions that match your camera's technical specifications.

    Bandwidth and disk space calculations
    The application can provide estimations on the required network bandwidth and disk space usage (for recording archives) required to keep the surveillance system running. The data can be exported to PDF or XML format for further processing or print it directly from the application.

    Design an efficient surveillance system
    IP Video System Design Tool helps you design a reliable and secure monitoring system, building a configuration that is suitable for the network capabilities and the available storing capacity. Thanks to its accessible options and the intuitive interface, it can be used by both beginners and advanced users.



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