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    Plaxis 2D 8.5 Portable

    Year: 2007
    Version: 8.5
    Developer: PLAXIS BV
    Platform: win all
    Compatibility with Vista: unknown
    System requirements: Processor: Pentium
    RAM: 128 MB
    Free disk space: 110 MB
    Screen Resolution: 800x600
    OC: Windows® NT 4.0; Windows® 2000; Windows® XP Professional
    Language: English only
    Tablet: Not required
    Description: Plaxis v8 program is designed to calculate the stress-strain state of the system the base-foundation-structure finite element method in the conditions of plane and axisymmetric problems.
    Plaxis v8 program is focused on solving complex geotechnical problems encountered during the construction, maintenance and reconstruction of buildings.
    Extras. information:
    Description stripped of version 8.2, please do not blame.

    PHP Code:
    1. When exchanging data between subroutines pops up an error (see screenshot). This is due to the fact that the subroutine INPUT and calculations have different builds but one versionThe calculation is performed vserovnoProve the accuracy did not try - you can compare with the calculation by hand or with version 8.2available on the tracker.
    2. Who has kept the problem in the drive and can not find it in the  specified folder look in the folderuserprofile% \ Application Data \  Thinstall Plaxis 8.5 It creates a typedrive_Dfolder and there  your job
    3. Some antivirus rugayutsya cmd
    .exe to a file that is not a virus by 99% - do all right))