AceThinker Music Recorder 1.2.1 Multilingual

Screen Capture and Sound Recorder

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    AceThinker Music Recorder 1.2.1 Multilingual

    Acethinker Music Recorder offers a practical way to record sound directly from the computer or microphone. It comes packed with additional functions, including converting, searching, managing, and downloading audio files.
    AceThinker Music Recorder lets you record audio from both your microphone and computer simultaneously. The audio is then saved in a high-quality recording ready to be played back on your devices, uploaded to a music community, and shared with friends, family, and followers.

    Features :
    Record audio in high-quality
    Search and acquire music
    Identify music automatically with ID3 tags
    Manage music files with ease

    تحميل الملفات الصوتية والبحث عنها وإدارتها وتنزيلها.
    يتيح لك AceThinker Music Recorder تسجيل الصوت من الميكروفون والكمبيوتر في نفس الوقت. ثم يتم حفظ الصوت في تسجيل عالي الجودة جاهز للتشغيل على أجهزتك ، وتحميله على مجتمع الموسيقى ، ومشاركته مع الأصدقاء والعائلة والمتابعين.