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    Avenir LoopCAD MJ8 Edition 2014 v5.0.1080

    LoopCAD is the premiere software for the fast creation of professional quality circuit layout drawings for radiant heating systems. The all-new LoopCAD 2014 offers advanced design features including integrated heating and cooling load calculations, detailed hydronic calculations, snowmelt design, 3D CAD views, and compatibility with OEM design methods and materials. And now the MJ8 Edition provides ACCA-Approved Manual J (8th Edition) calculations for residential heating and cooling loads. LoopCAD is the easiest, most powerful radiant heating design tool available.

    LoopCAD is available in three different editions to better match your needs. The available OEM Add-ons work seamlessly with all editions of LoopCAD. For a list of functionality and new features in each edition.

    Standard Edition:
    Floorplan drawing and importing (PDF, AutoCAD, JPG).
    Automated circuit (loop) generation.
    Freehand circuit (loop) drawing.
    Hydronic calculations based on manual input of heat loads (no automated heat loss calculations).
    3D drawing views.
    OEM Add‐ons for detailed materials lists/quotations.

    Professional Edition all features in Standard Edition, plus:
    Automated heat loss calculations as you draw.
    ASHRAE and CSA residential heat loss calculations.

    MJ8 Edition all features in Professional Edition, plus:
    ACCA‐Approved Manual J (8th Edition) residential heating and cooling load calculations.