RailClone Pro 3.0.7 + Library for 3ds Max 2012 – 2018

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    RailClone Pro 3.0.7 + Library for 3ds Max 2012 – 2018

    RailClone Pro 3.0.7 + Library for 3ds Max 2012 – 2018

    max | Plugins | 444 MB

    RailClone is a 3Ds Max plugin for parametric modeling based on custom geometry parts, definable by the user, and a set of construction rules. This new concept of modeling lets you to build complex and realistic structures for Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering and Interior Design.

    The software includes a full library of preset models to create Fences, Railings, Barriers, Guardrails, Handrails or Walls. RailClone is not limited to a fixed set of primitives, you can use any geometry from the scene and define your own parametric structures.

    New Features

    Added Macros . This feature allows you to create new nodes by creating sub-graphs. Macros to output numeric values, geometry, and generators are all possible.

    A new Macro library panel is available in the Style Editor containing system and user generated macros

    Create or edit a macro by selecting a Macro node, right-clicking and selecting Macro > Edit

    Input nodes allow you to determine the base objects used by a macro. These will become the macros inputs.

    Output nodes allow you to determine the type of output generated by a macro. Choose from segment or numeric.

    One or more Generators can be added to a macro.

    Several examples are included, and you can save, share and import your own macros as well as adding them to a user library for easy reuse.



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