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Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER Standard Plus v3.2.0.1 x64

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  • Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER Standard Plus v3.2.0.1 x64

    The ScanIMAGER software package is designed to process the results of three-dimensional laser scanning as applied to architectural measurements. It is built on a modular basis and comes in various versions.

    The ScanIMAGER module is designed to process 3D laser scanning data (point clouds). A unique feature of the product is the visualization of a huge number of measurements (billions of points) in combination with the ability to display the color of the measured point, which allows you to perceive discrete data as a three-dimensional model. The application also provides the necessary tools for taking various sizes, obtaining sections, sections, calculating volumes, building orthophotomaps and sweeps of curved surfaces.

    The ScanIMAGER Ortho module contains powerful tools for processing orthophotomaps and scans on the plane of curved surfaces. Allows you to create orthophotomaps of the highest resolution and color them using a set of images received from digital cameras. Various graphic filters aimed at identifying the construct of the object, together with integration with the AutoCAD system, can greatly facilitate the process of creating measurement documentation.

    The ScanIMAGER Register module is intended for registration (information into a single coordinate system) of scans. The module allows fully automatically recognizing special targets (brands) on scans, revealing the correspondence of brands on different scans and combining scans based on the identified correspondences into a single coordinate system or block. There is also the possibility of automatically linking the formed block of scans or each scan individually to a geodetic coordinate system at reference points. The module contains the necessary tools for monitoring gross errors, monitoring brand measurements and, if necessary, the ability to manually add tie points.

    The ScanIMAGER Converter module is designed to convert point catalogs from exchange formats into the SPF internal format of the ScanIMAGER software package. The module allows you to create tasks for batch processing files. It supports various exchange formats in text and binary forms. In parallel with file processing, it optionally builds unfolded scans and recognizes marks on them.


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