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    PureSync 5.0.6

    تم تصميم تطبيق PureSync ليكون أداة مزامنة ملفات وأداة نسخ احتياطي. يتيح لك PureSync مقارنة ومزامنة وملفات النسخ الاحتياطي ، وسهلة الاستخدام ، ولكن لا يزال العديد من الميزات ، مثل اكتشاف التعارض وحلها ، النسخ الاحتياطية المتعددة.

    The PureSync application was designed to be a file synchronizer and backup tool. PureSync lets you compare, synchronize and backup file, easy to use, but still many features, such as conflict detection and resolving, multiple backups.

    • Synchronize: Synchronize files and folders, FTP
    • Backup: Backup of files and complete folders
    • Compare view: Control what will be synced in which direction
    • Easy to use, clear user interface: E.g. there are wizard and tool tips, support for Drag & Drop of folders
    • Automatic synchronization and backups: Scheduler when a file has been modified
    • Special Foto-Sync for digital cameras: Copy e.g. only the new fotos from the camera-. Though fotos that have been sorted out but still at the camera are not copy again.

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