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    RoseMedical Minimal Pairs Tutor 1.3.0

    The Minimal Pairs Tutor contains over 5,000 minimal pairs, complete with images and example pronunciations. It also encourages accurate speech production by recording your voice and providing feedback on your pronunciation.

    Minimal Pairs
    It's important to be able to hear the difference between sounds in order to produce them accurately. Discriminating between sounds is often practised using 'minimal pairs'. A minimal pair is a pair of words where only one sound is different, for example 'pin' versus 'bin'.

    Minimal pair lists
    The Minimal Pairs Tutor contains over 500 minimal pair lists. Each list contains a series of minimal pairs that contrast two different sounds, for example /b/ versus /p/. You can also create your own minimal pair lists.

    Contrasting minimal pairs
    Once you've selected your list, you can contrast the minimal pairs by clicking on each image and listening to an example pronunciation.

    Pronouncing minimal pairs
    To encourage accurate speech production, the tutor lets you highlight minimal pairs with your voice. To highlight a particular word, simply click record and speak when prompted.


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