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TechnoCom Batch Files Printing

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  • TechnoCom Batch Files Printing

    يقوم برنامج Batch Printing بطباعة جميع الملفات القابلة للطباعة بكافة التنسيقات والصور. يدعم جميع صيغ الملفات مثل (doc ، docx ، xls ، html ، xml ، ppt ، إلخ) والصور مثل (jpg ، gif ، png ، tiff ، psd ، إلخ). وهي تعمل في عملية دفعة واحدة. يقوم بجدولة طباعة الملف للتاريخ والوقت في المستقبل. يدعم برنامج طباعة الدُفعات هذا أيضًا ميزة Hot Folder Feature التي تستمر في المسار على الدليل المحدد.

    Batch Printing software prints all printable files of all formats and images. it supports all formats of files such as (doc, docx, xls, html, xml, ppt etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, psd, etc.). It works in batch process. It schedules printing of file for future date and time. This Batch Printing software is also supports Hot Folder Feature that continue track on the specified directory.

    Batch Files Printing tool is the perfect style of getting printouts of various files in bulk. The software has the talent to execute thousands of files of different formats in one go. Along with that users can also dump image files like .jpg, .png, etc. in infinite number and can take printouts in minutes.

    The features rigged in this batch printing software are the ones that make it one of the highest demanding tools of its category. In these features the best one is scheduling. Users have the freedom to schedule the printing process for a different time and date according to your choice. It even has a ‘Hot Folder’ option that prints document kept in it after a certain time. This certain time has to be set by the user only as per his/her convenience. Batch Files Printing software has many advanced options like to include sub directories or top directories. You can print word files, excel file, power point presentations, pdf, text files or images etc altogether or individually of a group of these.It has an option for print task controller. It has compatibility with win 7, win 8, and win 10.

    This short but effective software has been given all the options that make it the best printing software in the market. It is adaptive to all types of conditions you put it in.

    Batch Files Printing prints all printable files in batch process.
    Batch Files Printing supports scheduling of Files printing for future date & time with the help of schedular.
    Batch Files Printing privides the Directory Watcher Feature.
    Batch Files Printing is a reliable & tested tool.
    You can print word files, excel file, power point presentations, pdf, text files or images etc altogether or individually.


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