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    RoseMedical icSpeech Professional Edition 3.3.0

    icSpeech Professional Edition is multiparameter speech therapy software designed specifically for clinical use. It can be used for assessment, therapy and for the measurement of outcome.

    Often in speech therapy the patient relies on auditory feedback to modify their speech. By using icSpeech, the patient also has the advantage of visual feedback. With simple to use biofeedback displays the patient can view their speech in real-time, make corrections, and instantly see the result.

    You can also make synchronised recordings and perform precise, repeatable measurements on a wide range of parameters, including speech, voice, airflow and lingual.

    Compatible input devices
    icSpeech Professional Edition is compatible with a number of input devices. Its flexible USB architecture lets you choose any combination of devices to suit your specific need and budget.

    There are a number of ways in which the multiparameter data can be displayed. All displays can be synchronously viewed in real-time for biofeedback, recorded for off-line assessment or printed for hard copy. The data can also be exported to spreadsheets for further manipulation.


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