RecoveryTools DOCX Migrator 3.0

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  • RecoveryTools DOCX Migrator 3.0

    DOCX Migrator - #1 Word File Converter. Quick Convert Word DOCX to DOC & Multiple Formats.

    Allows to Convert Word Documents to 20+ useful File, Text & Doc formats
    Provides option to automatically Save resultant files at same source file path
    DOCX converter to selectively export single or multiple DOCX/DOC files in batch
    Upgrade/Downgrade Word 1997-2003 documents to Word 2007-2020 docs
    DOCX file converter allows to export DOCX to DOC with proper fomatting
    Allows to export DOC to DOCX or DOCX to DOC with single utility
    Word DOCX Migrator software is supported on all Microsoft Windows OS
    DOCX conversion to DOC and other formats with complete seurity

    Save DOCX Files to 20+ File Formats
    The Word Converter is designed in such a way that it allows to convert Microsoft Office Documents into multiple file formats. User can open DOCX files into other programs and applications also. It converts DOCX files to PDF or HTML formats instantly.

    Downgrade & Batch Convert Word DOCX Files
    DOCX Converter performs conversion of multiple DOCX files in batch. The tool supports to perform migration of users DOCX file or DOC to other file formats as soon as possible. The batch DOCX Converter performs transfer of millions of Word files.

    Convert DOCX Files to DOC with Original Formatting
    High rated DOCX to DOC Converter tool that will allow a user to maintain all the DOCX document internal data integrity, file formatting & structure completely secured. The tool assures to perform the conversion without making any data loss.


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