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    Dear All
    In many program such as CSI, it was mentioned that " to prevent program to acess INTERNET" i Understand that it can be done by
    1. Use fire wall
    2. Use Antinvirus Fire wall
    However, if i cannot do by above 2 methods becuase of Admin Right in my PC
    Can I just disconnect the internet when run the program?

    Any has been try for just disconnec the INTERNET
    Please share

    There is another way
    Prevent program to access INTERNET

    But, unfortunately you still need admin right too


      Thank You Saad

      Anyway, just only disconnect the Internet when run, is Ok or not?
      Any advise

        انا بستخدم برنامج كويس جدا جبته من هنا من المنتدي اسمه Net limiter
        البرنامج باختصار ممكن تعمل بلوك لاي برنامج في الويندوز انه يدخل علي النت او تحدد سرعه سحبه من النت
        كويس جدا شوفه بالمنتدي هنا
        مع العلم انك مش حتغير حاجه في انتي فايرس او فاير وال