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    Punch Home Design Architectural Series 4000 2CD ISO

    Title: Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 4000 Version 8.0.0

    CDs: 2

    Size: 49x15, 11x15

    Info: The #1 leader in home design software.

    More features for more design details.

    Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 4000 combines 32 integrated

    programs adding total design control for topography, custom trimwork,

    roofing, interior design accesories, custom materials and much more.

    Regardless of your level of expertise, Punch Home Design Architectural

    Series 4000 produces professional results!

    A single, easy-to-use interface puts powerful tools at your fingertips;

    you can use as many or as few as you choose and still get professional

    results. Beginners will appreciate the video tutorials that teach you

    as you draw and simple drag & drop functions for windows, doors,

    furniture, texture, color and landscaping. Professionals will

    appreciate the more complex features such as extensive framing

    and estimating, mechanical design, roofing, topography, custom

    trim and CAD functions to name a few. Many features incorporate

    easy-to-use wizards that allow design experimentation and make

    the process fun. Architectural Series 4000 was designed to grow

    with you as you become more proficient with the program and

    PowerTool expandability adds even more optional functionality!

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