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    Oasys Pdisp v19.3.0.6 X64

    Pdisp is for engineers who need software for soil displacement analysis
    soil settlement calculations and soil displacement design. Pdisp offers a
    quicker and more accurate way to predict soil displacement than using
    Newmark charts. The program predicts displacements in a soil mass due to
    vertical and horizontal loads, showing the likely settlement pattern
    beneath and beyond the loaded area

    Pdisps 3-D graphical output view shows the settlement clearly and a
    simple interface allows users to switch easily between graphical views
    input data and tabular data. By linking Pdisp to our GSA software
    engineers can analyse the soils interaction with raft structures such as
    basement slabs and pile caps

    How does it work? Pdisp calculates the displacements and stresses, if
    required, within a linear elastic or non-linear soil mass. These are the
    stresses that result from uniform normal or tangential pressure being
    applied to rectangular and circular loaded planes. When calculating the
    stress changes within the soil, the program assumes the soil is an
    elastic half-space. It uses individual layer properties to calculate the
    vertical strain and the displacements resulting from these stresses



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