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    Oasys definit

    DefinIT Benefits

    Easy-to-use and the only computer based tool for using the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Scope of Services
    Facilitates collaboration between all the participants to ensure that appropriate tasks are allocated and everyone is informed of the decisions
    Saves time and effort by providing a quick and simple way to identify and communicate roles and ensures that there are no gaps or overlaps so that all the tasks required to deliver the project are identified and accounted for

    About This Software

    Construction Industry CouncilDefinIT facilitates both the assembly and management of fully integrated schedules of services for major construction projects using the CIC Scope of Services versions. It is designed to look and behave like a spreadsheet, with rows identifying tasks and columns showing responsibilities. This simple approach makes it very quick to learn and obvious


    DefinIT enables you to easily define each participant’s tasks by placing the organisation's icon in each relevant cell. You can then see at a glance who is planning to undertake each activity and whether there are gaps; or indeed overlaps where two or more are proposing to do the same task. In addition you can strike through those tasks that are not relevant on the project.

    You can then communicate the details via a wide range of print options.

    DefinIT enables you to easily define the tasks required to deliver the definition of the project ready for construction. First, you delete those tables and tasks not required. The you allocate the tasks to be undertaken to the appropriate participant (consultant, specialist or contractor), by selecting the relevant cells and dropping in the organisation's icon. You can therefore see at a glance the tasks required and who is to undertake each task, identifying gaps and overlaps. A wide range of print options allows easy communication of the tasks allocated to each participant and the allocation of tasks across the project. Draft scopes of services can be shared by all members of the project team by email.